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The first conception of the 4 spiral lamp,(also coffee-table) 1981. I was at a friends home, she and her daughters owned and showed quarter horses.

I was sitting in the living room alone. On a wall there were three long shelves filled with trophies, one trophy in particular caught my eye, it was a single spiral with a cup on it The trophy was made of plastic. In my mind's eye I could see the single spiral made of wood. My mind went into deep thought. Mentally I tried to design a way the spiral could be made of wood. A thought finally came to my mind as I had a vision of a beautiful, spiral lamp.

When suddenly I thought, "How can I put a hole through the middle of a spiral design?"

In my mind I designed a way to do this after giving it much more thought. I would need a cylinder of wood dissected 360° from the top to the bottom, but there would be four spirals in the cylinder of wood. Thus, the 4 spiral lamp was born!

At this time, I had a business in North Miami, Florida designing and building wooden mailboxes. One of my designs I sold to the Fulton Corp. Fulton Illinois. I designed and produced the tooling, the machinery and the hardware. It went nationwide and was on the market as of 2006. I received a royalty for 10 years. I had the facilities in place to work on the lamp. The five minutes it took to design the method to do the lamp took three years and $75,000 to implement since there was no machinery to do these applications, I had to develop and build the equipment. Also I had to design a cylinder 18 inches long, 10 1/2 inches in diameter into four 350° spirals. Making each one of the spirals round and bored a hole through the center of the spiral design.

The one and only prototype is made of green cypress cured with PEG, all woods can be used.

The 1, 2, and 3 spiral, are good spirals. When one or more of the four spirals didn’t work out. I used these to make the 1,2 and three spiral lamp. That's how they came about. I was hoping at the time to put it in production. I was unable to come up with the funds to do so. It became a labor of love. I did take it to two trade shows on Miami Beach. One was for the home interior designers the other one was for the general public. I had very good feedback at both shows. If I had a product to sell I could have sold out. Over the years I have improved on curing and finishing the wood and other aspects of the project.

My name is Daniel Morton 25 + years ago, I had a concept, it was to create this spiral lamp. Although my friend said, I was crazy, something I never disagree with anyone about. With my experience as a carpenter, you have seen my work. If you have ever visited the haunted mansion at Disney World, I did the trim, and install the show. Also, I am a machinist, welder, I consider myself a design engineer, because, I brought a concept to the market. I sold the machinery tooling and hardware, and received a royalty. After all these years I was unable to come up with the funds to make this concept a reality. So I decided to do it in ceramics, a model was taken to the ceramic department of the University of Miami, which I was told they were unable to do. Being unable to accept the words,(Can't Do). So I proceeded to learn to make plaster molds and learn the ceramic business, Now I am (just about) there. I have completed the molds for the spirals, working on the base for the lamp, and the alignment, which is tricky. I will have a 1, 2, 3, and a 4 spiral lamp, I also came up with a horizontal spiral lamp. Also working on a spiral (Cup). I will show pictures as I progress.

Having a problem with the alignment of the spirals, I decided to do a spiral leg coffee-table.

The coffee-table will be my first project for sale.

Creating the shape, (A Total Spiral, coil, helix) doing this in ceramics has been a challenge, Clay shrinks 13%, twisting and warping, has been a constant reminder why no one has completed this before. To control the twisting and warping, I need to hand dry each piece. Quite time consuming. The model is 18 inches tall which is a little too much for the height of a coffee-table. So I proceeded to shrink them even further. Now the spirals are about 15 1/2 inches tall. Also , assembling the spiral and the bases together in ceramics I find not sufficient enough for the weight for a coffee-table, so I decided to bond the bases and spirals together with fiberglass, much better, also, filling the hollow spiral with rigid-foam given its strength and durability. The tooling and hardware required doing the assembly of the base and spiral is only one more of the challenging problems.

All Things Are Possible, With, Patients and Tenacity. Dan